Create WordPress AMP site with GeneratePress theme

Google has introduced AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, to speed up loads on mobile devices. We have now changed this site and all other domains to AMP and they are now faster than ever. The limitations are that our theme and all our plugins must be combatible with AMP and the official WordPress AMP plugin.

Create Wordpress AMP site with GeneratePress theme
AMP official plugin for WordPress

Our theme is GeneratePress together with their GeneratePress Premium plugin. GeneratePress has not launched an official AMP combatible plugin at this moment but a beta plugin can be found at GitHub. Download and install it. After that you need to change the file amp-for-generatepress.php with the new one below. Well – when you read this I expect their official AMP combatible plugin will be online at WordPress.

AMP for GeneratePress

As cache plugin we now use WP Rocket which is AMP combatible.