Create WordPress AMP site with GeneratePress theme

Google has introduced AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, to speed up loads on mobile devices. We have now changed this site and all other domains to AMP and they are now faster than ever. The limitations are that our theme and all our plugins must be combatible with AMP and … Read more

How to make a blazing fast WordPress site

How to make a blazing fast Wordpress site

Recently we have improved user experience for both desktop and mobile users on our main website and blog Jozan Magazine. This image rich website is now blazing fast all around the world with load times between 0,2 – 1,1 seconds (Pingdom tests).

WP Rocket

The Wordpress plugin WP Rocket is one of the most popular cache plugins. It combines caching with features like file optimization, lazy loads of images, preload and priming of cache, cdn connection and more. It is very reliable and easy to use.